From “feasibility study” to component realization, M.I.L. is capable to provide a complete hi-level set of services.
High flexibility in planning
Rapidity and efficiency in processing
High quality processing, constant communication and transparency toward clients
Precision in mechanical processes and quality control
High computerization based processes
Management control through all production and development phases
Increasing marketing investments (opening booths at events and exhibitions)
New opportunities due to ISO 9001:2015 certification
M.I.L. is offering different services supporting customers in product engineering, feasibility, development and prototype building and kick off of production phase.
Prototype development and production and operational design

Our operators are experts in planning and management of the prototype development flow

  • Components preparation
  • Component verification and analisys before assembling
  • Processes based on numerical control machines
  • Prototype building and preparation of assembly cycle
  • Final test for prototype certification
Technical Consultant

MIL has professional capabilities for technical consultant in different areas:

  • Feasibility study
  • Product development
  • Mechanical parts building
  • Value analysis / Cost Reduction
  • Kick off production phase
  • Dimensional tests and measurements

Our company, thanks to the latest generation CAD-CAM three-dimensional design program, is able to support the customer both in the design phase and in the implementation phase through the precision machining of mechanical and non-mechanical parts, even of particular complexity.Thanks to the CAD-CAM working environment, the 3D drawing, once designed and developed, is processed by the CAM which extrapolates all the work coordinates and according to the needs of the particular to be processed is sent to the machines that allow you to manage 3 or 4 axes in continuous.

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