Industrial Fields
M.I.L. activity is involved in different industrial sectors:
Power Generation
Market increase in last years made requirements of our customer more and more demanding in the field of precision processes and production. M.I.L. has given a very big effort in providing very high level services in third part players market satisfing at 100% all client requirements. In this way M.I.L. has consolidated very strong relationships with some prior customer providing up to 40% of total incomes.
As a consequence of the continuous technological development, MIL plans a yearly program of formative activities for its employees. Considering new opportunities or special requests from market and our clients and our partners, we can arrange training courses aimed to strongly increase employees capabilities and skills on different areas.
Our formation plans are based on the following steps:
From the methodology the activities of training and coaching should be planned inside our company or through external organizations.

Since the first design project of MIL, it has been capable to offer a collection of operational solutions to a very huge evolving market. We help our customers to get the best results in industrial challenges and get competitive advantages because of our technical competence and experience.


Automotive is one of the most important industrial fields for MIL investments. It received a big boost with a increse of revenues of 25,9% from 2010 to 2018. A considerably part of MIL production efforts are related to automotive.

Power Generation

Energy production is one of the most challenging fields for any kind of design. High precision and reliability productions, accompained by a great versatility in developments, make MIL snc a very solid reality in developments of mechanics for the most modern energy equipments.


Mechanical equiment for marine use requires constantly an increase in reliability of any component due to its harsh environement and a big request of maintenance. MIL snc is capable to provide custom products for naval field with a very high reliability and duration in time.

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